The #ZizziCreates Instabition has arrived!

Check out our Instabition art work

The #ZizziCreates Instabition is a celebration of food and art created by some of the UK's hottest Instagram food artists. Inspired by both new and classic dishes from our spring menu, the Instabition offers diners (and art lovers) an artistic taste of every element of the menu from starters through to cocktails! On display, until 3rd May, in our Central St. Giles restaurant in London, the exhibition is made up of nine pieces of food art created by Miss Cakehead, Fondant Fox, Gingerbread Maid, Totally Sugar London and The Marshmallowist. Click on the link below to see our full Spring Menu and all the dishes that inspired the #ZizziCreates Instabition!

Instabition Launch Night

Pink G&T's, mini Bufala Caprese Salads, Sticky Chocolate & Praline Tortes and Prosciutto Fresca Rustica pizzas were flowing at the launch night for our #ZizziCreates Instabition!

The First Heat of Spring

Gingerbread Maid

This incredibly intricate design represents the classic Piccante Rustica. The delicious ingredients of our beloved pizza created a stunning folk art inspired pattern by deconstructing the many elements involved in creating this truly mouth watering dish!


Gingerbread Maid

Inspired by our Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie this work of art shows intricate detailing piped onto a chocolate brownie base which was used as an edible canvas for this food art piece. Our giant white chocolate flakes were melted down to create the delicate detailing alongside the dishes gooey salted caramel centre being brought to the surface to show all the delicious elements of this dessert.

Heritage Cells

Totally Sugar London

Our beautiful Bufala Caprese dish is a firm favourite in all of our restaurants! With the use of a mandolin to thinly slice the Isle of Wight mixed tomatoes, the stunning jewelled colours of this piece are reminiscent of a stained glass window when photographed in macro form. Solid colour was added using balsamic pearls, basil, redamaranth, bufala mozzarella and peashoots which makes this dish both delicious on the eyes and palate.

Sip the Pink [G&T]

Fondant Fox

Inspired by the – new for spring – pink G&T, this cake was created as a love letter to the fantastic cocktail! Made up of three tiers, each buttercream layer had a different decorative theme to represent the delicious ingredients. Gin sugar glass shards finished the cake and serve as a focal point for this piece. The best is yet to come though as inside handcrafted gin infused pink sponge awaits! Chin chin everyone!

Spring Mandala

Gingerbread Maid

The delicate stems of the redamaranth, inspired this ode to the passion flower, the ingredients that make up this delicious pizza were cut to size creating delicate detailing. Piped Fior di Latte sauce and balsamic vinegar features were added alongside pea puree adding a splash of colour around the edge, bringing to life the freshness of the Prosciutto Fresca Rustica pizza!

Aztec Sun

Gingerbread Maid

Ancient aztec art was the inspiration for this piece, made with the ingredients of the – new for spring – Fritto Misto dish. Fresh courgette flowers alongside other elements of the dish were used to give the impression of an ancient sun symbol. Lightly battered goujons and prawn zucchini bites made up the rays of the sun with red chilli and other components of this delicious dish adding the finer pattern detailing!

Tree of Life

Gingerbread Maid

The linguini of our rich Vegan Lentil Ragu was the perfect material to create the visual effect of a twisted tree trunk in this work of art! The wholesome nature of this dish served as inspiration with the majority of the ingredients adding the incredible detailing around the base. For greenery fresh herbs added scrubland like features with parsley serving as the leaves for the tree.

Summer Palette

The Marshmallowist

The intense flavours of our Summer Berry Sorbet dish served as inspiration for this piece. Fresh fruit and herbs created a focal point within the artwork by spilling them from our striking metal sorbet dish. Mascarpone, strawberry powder, summer berry snaps and honey added further graphic detailing on a summer inspired bright background…summer in a picture!

Goddess of Sea and Salad

Totally Sugar London

The delicately balanced flavours of our Seabass Verde dish were the starting point for this piece. Ingredients from the accompanying salad were used to create the headdress, made of spinach, cannelloni beans, radish, red onion, tomato and garlic, finished with fresh lemon acting as a bow on the seabass plait.