December 22, 2010

Zizzi Ristorante

Panettone… How do you eat yours?

PanettoneSome like it toasted. Some like it plain. Some like it with a generous spread of jam. And some like it dipped in milk! Yes you read right! However you eat yours, is there anything that shouts Italy more than a slice of Panettone with a strong, silky Macchiato? Probably…yes. Al Pacino aggressively flicking his chin with the back of his finger tips before saying “Arrivederci!” perhaps? But it’s still pretty damn Italian!

So, a little more about our Panettone. It’s light and fluffy, with raisins and sweet candied peel. And it’s made in Italy…exclusively for us at Zizzi!

So this Christmas we’ve packaged our very own Panettone up in the beautiful boxes pictured. Yes…your Christmas shopping just got that much easier, that much tastier and that much more tempting to tuck into yourself. At just £6.95, why not buy two to avoid any potential embarrassment?

Just pop into your local Zizzi and pick up yours today. Arriverderci!

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