May 9, 2011

We've Answered Your Prayers

Durham is mostly famous for three things. Rugby, students and its stunning Cathedral. And with a brand new Zizzi arriving, that list has now extended to four. So as always with our restaurants, it was important to give a nod to the local area and history when thinking about the design. Enter Sarah Jayne Guest on textiles and Zizzi super-arty-star Lizzie Mary Cullen.

Lizzie has taken influence from the cathedral’s stunning stained glass for her illustration. And Sarah has touched on all things Durham including cows, architecture, ducks, tea pots, unusual post boxes and Boruwulaski (a midget violinist who used to play on Saddler Street where our new restaurant is now based).

Intrigued? Well the doors are now open so you can come and see for yourself. Guide your mouse here to book a table at Zizzi Durham so you can indulge both your eyes and taste buds equally.

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