February 4, 2011

Banstead Needs You!

Banstead is back! We asked Camille Rousseau (who previously showed off her talent at Zizzi Central St Giles) to return and give the impressive building a much-needed lick of creativity. She didn’t give us a lick. She gave us a full on smooch.

The theme for Zizzi, Banstead? Well, with the well-known war memorial that stands in the town, Camille thought the restaurant was the perfect opportunity to celebrate this. The bar has a stunning wrap around art piece, and along with some jaw-dropping ceiling and floor artwork, Camille has made Zizzi Banstead a stand out venue.

So on February 3rd the doors at Zizzi Banstead opened. A new warm, cosy, comfy waiting area greets you before being blown away by the transformation that the super talented Camille Rousseau has orchestrated.

So come in, indulge and enjoy the new, revitalised Zizzi in all its war celebratory glory. Yes Sir! No Sir! Three plates of Zizzi full Sir!

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