March 7, 2011

Buffalo Bill at Zizzi Earls Court.

Tobias Hall doesn’t do things the conventional way. He likes different. And so do we. So we thought Zizzi and Tobias would be a match made in heaven. We thought right.

Zizzi Earls Court reopened on March 5th with a new look helped by the super talented Tobias. He did his homework and drew inspiration from the history surrounding the area. Buffalo Bill performed in the entertainment grounds based in Earls Court, which provided the inspiration behind Tobias’s beautiful illustrations, which compliment the fun, local, cosy feel the new Zizzi in Earls Court shows off.

So book your table. marvel at Tobias’s artistic masterpieces and enjoy the gastronomic delights served up by the team. Zizzi Earls Court…a real show stopper.

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