May 6, 2011

Gelato Like No Other

So what makes our Gelato so great? What makes ours the best? Is it the fact that it’s organic? Is it because we have one of the very best in the business making it for us in the genius that is Kitty Travers? Is it the fact that we source it locally at the Calon Wen Dairy in Wales? Is it the fact that it comes in six droolingly delicious flavours? Well…to be honest yes…it’s all of these things. That’s why we want to be big show offs and shout about it from the chilly roof tops.

We believe there’s no better way to finish off your meal than to indulge and get caught up in a bit of organic, ice creamy delirium. We believe this will turn you into a big show off too meaning you end up telling everybody that you’ve just tasted gelato like no other.

We know what you’re thinking! Takeaway. Don’t worry…we’re on it. Our restaurants in Canterbury, Bankside and Market Harborough are now all offering our Gelato in takeaway tubs to take to the streets whilst you’re browsing the shops. Summertime window shopping just got that bit tastier.

So pop into your closest Zizzi, ask your waiter for three scoops of organic, gelato heaven, tell everybody about your discovery, and come back for a scoop next time…this time on the house!

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