July 5, 2011

Glasgow West End. The Search Continues…

Last summer we opened our restaurant in Glasgow West End.  Five artists and illustrators from Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art where then invited to illustrate every single wall of the restaurant.

Now we’re opening up our walls again and providing any talented artists/illustrators out there the opportunity to work their creative magic in our Glasgow West End restaurant – and promote yourself every day to customers! The results last time were stunning  and the opportunity led to one of the artists working with us on several of our subsequent restaurants – painting huge murals on walls of new and refurbished restaurants up and down the country.

So the competition is now open and this year we’re after two recent graduates to add more art to the space, painting their own designs for all to see.

The brief? Simply create a piece of work that is inspired by Glasgow – the architecture, the people, the heritage – anything and if possible try to incorporate an element of Italian dining.

The deadline? 1st August, with the winners being chosen by the 15th and the work going live on the 20th August.

So click here to get your entries in as soon as possible. Can’t wait!

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