February 2, 2011

I make ice cream for a living!

When you ask most kids “what do you want to be when you’re older?” you can expect the usual suspects. An actress. A model. An astronaut. Famous. An ice-cream maker? A little unusual yes, but a kid’s dream job…absolutely. Kitty Travers is living that dream. If ‘Fresh, Young, Talent’ could be defined by a person and what they do, Kitty and her work do exactly that.

Kitty has been described as a ‘culinary star of the future’. Fergus Henderson, her old boss at St John Restaurant, chose Kitty for a new book in which the world’s top ten chefs nominated talents to watch in the future. Kitty’s interest in ice-cream developed from a simmering love into a burning passion when she tried poppy seed and saffron ice cream from an ice cream parlour in Cannes called Vilfeu, where she worked as a waitress at The Hilton.

On returning to the UK, Kitty landed a job as a pastry chef at St John Restaurant. The next step was founding La Grotta Ices, making and selling hand-made frozen desserts to Londoners from the back of her scooter and she never looked back.

With all of this in her locker (or freezer) we needed to speak to Kitty straight away. So we asked Kitty if she could add some of her gelato magic to Zizzi. We agreed it needed to be quality, natural, not too sweet but rich and full of flavour. No mean feat. The result? Six classic Italian flavours that Kitty considers ‘the finest possible’. So a little bit about Kitty’s flavours and the stories behind them…

Fior di Latte, Crema, Cioccolata and Pistachio have all been developed in collaboration with Calon Wen cooperative dairy farms in Wales. Why? Well the milk is organic and comes from just a select few farms. So select that the farmers know the cows by name. And we believe being this close to the process naturally has a lasting impact on the product’s quality and flavour.

And then there’s the Sorbetto al Limone and Sorbetto alla Fragola. Made from pure fruit and a sprinkle of sugar, it’s a bit of fruit-packed sorbet heaven. Something that both Zizzi and Kitty think is unique, different, amazingly tasty and pretty damn healthy.

So which one is Kitty’s favourite? “The Fior di Latte. Not only because it’s absolutely delicious, like a super-natural, pure Mister Whippy, but also because making it supports a terrific dairy business. Calon Wen’s cooperative is the kind of enterprise it would be great to see more of in the UK. Small independent organic farmers feeding the high street.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves Kitty.

Kitty’s gelato is now available in all Zizzi restaurants. So pop in and enjoy some today. It will take you back to your childhood and maybe remind you of what you wanted to be when you were all grown up.

Take at look at our new Gelato menu!

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