February 4, 2011

Lizzie's Local, Thomas Telford and Yachts

Lizzie Mary Cullen feels like one of our own. A Fresh Young Talent that we are extremely proud to have found. So when she approached us to ask whether she could ‘Lizzie-Mary-Cullenfy’ her local Zizzi in St Katharine’s Dock, who were we to say no?

Now fully refurbished, our doors are open for you to come and see Lizzie’s genius for yourself. Her inspiration? The surrounding areas she knows only too well along with the historical influences that define E1W.

And with our walls taking on a life of their own we thought why stop there? We wanted the tables to get a piece of the action too. So now the restaurant is filled with visual feasts everywhere you look.

On Sunday 6th February, the doors will be back open. And thanks to the special talent we found in Lizzie Mary Cullen, you’ll be able to see our brighter, lighter, fresher restaurant filled with illustrations of yachts, the legend that is Thomas Telford and we hope….you beautiful people.

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