November 11, 2011

Say Hello to Vino Novello

It’s that time of year where Italy’s grapes are plucked from their vines and turned in to the wine we can all enjoy…especially after a long day at work. With most wines, the time of harvest to time of drinking can takes years to complete, with some top wines taking as many as 20 years, but our Vino Novello has arrived within just a few weeks. The speedy process helps create a light, lively and fruity wine with youthful qualities that can only be enjoyed for a limited time.

Vino Novello comes from the grapes of the first harvest and give us the first taste of autumn. Translated literally it means “New Wine,” and according to Italian law, must be released no earlier than the 6th of November.

Every year, Italians celebrate Vino Novello with festivals all throughout November and now we’re bringing the tradition to Zizzi. Our wine is travelling by runners and rickshaws, by jets and balloons in order to reach our restaurants by the end of November. Join us as we celebrate this year’s harvest by spending an evening (or afternoon!) at your local Zizzi.

But don’t forget, Vino Novello is around for a limited time only so book your table now!

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