November 11, 2011

The Battle Royale

The battle of the Zizzis has begun! All over the nation, our customers are voting for their local Zizzi on Facebook to host a free Cichetti and Prosecco party.

Why? Why not?! Italians believe that even the little things in life should be celebrated and if we have the opportunity to share some of that care-free goodwill in our restaurants, we’re going to take it. How do you win? Simple. Get your friends, family and strangers to vote for your favourite Zizzi and the top three restaurants will win a chance to attend our Cichetti hour (5pm – 7pm) on Tuesday, 22 November and enjoy free Cichetti and Prosecco.

When the votes have been calculated and the final numbers are in, we’ll be offering tickets to those lucky customers who got involved. We want to hear from those strategic voters who have rallied their friends to all vote for one restaurant.

We want to hear from those manic voters who have clicked the “vote” button so many times their finger has gone numb. With hundreds of votes pouring in, there isn’t a clear winner yet so get voting and get sharing!

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