May 14, 2011

Woolen Stalls, Sewing Illustrators and Leeds Graduates

It’s always exciting when we get our hands on a talented artist. Somebody at the beginning of their career. It’s three times as exciting when you get three. And it’s even MORE exciting when one of our talented artists graduated in the same city, one specializes in what the area is famous for and the other does something you’ve never seen done before.

Zizzi Leeds The Light, now open in The Light Shopping Centre, highlights a few of the things that have made Leeds famous. Woolen stalls inspired by the city where the material originated, and blue and yellow toilets inspired by the cities rich football history.

And we didn’t forget that we were based in ‘The Light’. The chef’s table is a ‘Light Box’, strip lights are vertically placed by the window table booths along with  fluorescent strip lighting in the ceiling.

So a huge thanks to Luke Trybula, Claire O’Brien and Lisa Connolly. Three exciting young talents at the beginning of their creative journey. It’s a privilege to have you with us! Three fine Yorkshire brews coming up.

Click here to see what’s waiting for you in The Light and to book your table.

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