March 17, 2011

Zizzi Bromley’s Evolution

When we set out to freshen up our restaurants sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. Sometimes however it is pretty damn obvious. Our restaurant in Bromley, which is now back open to you lucky folks, was the latter.

With Charles Darwin residing in Bromley, and our restaurant taking on a fresh new look we thought we’d get all naturalistic on you all. And so who better to ask than our very own waitress and artistic supremo Nadia Taylor to make her mark on another of our restaurants.

Nadia’s floral themes are complimented with Victorian inspired themes throughout. Tweed wool upholstery (a nod to Victorian fashion) and Victorian tiles alongside Darwin inspired lighting features that resemble animal spines and bookshelf walls inspired by science labs are a couple of features that show the obsessive attention to detail that has gone into the new look.

So book a table, come in and see Bromley’s evolution for yourself! Spine tingling…

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