March 14, 2011

Zizzi Windsor is Back. Lego Block by Lego Block

Remember lego? Brilliant, colourful, versatile lego. Well with Lego land just down the road, we felt as though the refurb at Zizzi Windsor should celebrate one of Denmark’s most famous inventions.

The new Zizzi Windsor is back open with a fresh new look inspired by Cat Sims. An artist who has well and truly left her distinctive mark on Zizzi restaurants across the country. Her artwork flows throughout and is complimented by lego sculptures, coloured glass light pendants in the windows, a private cellar-themed function room and checko chairs.

A quick fact for you. The term Lego comes from the term ‘leg godt’ meaning ‘play well’. So the time has come to now ‘eat well’. Book your table here to go and see the new-look Zizzi Windsor. It will take you back to those good old lego-building days.

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