June 15, 2012

“…It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming Home, Zizzi’s Coming HOME”

The Euros have begun and we’re off to a pretty good start…we may not have won against France, but we didn’t lose either! Tonight, our boys take on the Swedes but there’s already some tension brewing. 

If you can’t come to ours for dinner because of the game, why don’t we come to yous? We’re pretty good with any situation; with a group of friends? Rusticas. Some want pizza and some want pasta? No problem. Somebody on a health kick? We’ve got salads too. To see our takeaway menu click here: http://www.zizzi.co.uk/takeaway

We’ve just re-launched our swanky new takeaway offering a whole new look, designed by some of our freshest talent. Eleanor Percival has designed a beautiful cover tying in the art of food with the art of fashion. And with four new takeaway menus designed by our gifted Fresh Talent artists (Karen Perry, Damien Barlow, Lisa Marlow, Matt Fowler) we couldn’t be more excited to show it off.

Well, looks like we’ve got dinner covered. The only things left to do are sit back, relax, and pray to high heavens that the boys bring home a win.

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