October 25, 2012




1. Turn your keyboard upside down and shake it…see all those crumbs? You could make a second sandwich out of those crumbs. Lesson? Stop eating at your desk.

2. You won’t accidentally use important documents as napkins.

3. Squinting at a computer screen all day will probably give you premature wrinkles.

4. Get some fresh air on your way to the closest Zizzi – good for the body and mind. 

5. Can you really bring yourself to buy yet another meal deal? Knowing full well you’ll probably get the same combination of drink, meal and crisps as yesterday…and the day before.

6. Absence makes the heart grow fonder – give your boss a little time to miss you during the day.

7. Scientific fact*: Workers who step away from their desk for at least 45 minutes a day will be far more productive on their return.

8. Don’t worry if no one wants to go to lunch with you. Bring a book, catch up on a little “you time”.

9. You’ll avoid the tricky situation when you’re mid-chew, mouth full of food and the office phone rings…

10. You might run in to a celebrity on the walk to Zizzi. They might fall in love with you at first sight. You might share pasta like Lady and The Tramp and end up kissing over a spag bol. You could move in together and become the UK’s next “it” couple…or you’ll just have a nice break from the daily grind to bring you back to reality. Either way, it’s a win-win. 

*Not a scientific fact as such, but probably true.


We could list off 100 reasons getting out of the office for lunch is beneficial, but you might spend your entire lunch break reading them. Instead, check out our lunch menu here and pop down to your nearest Zizzi to try it out.


Unfortunately, not all our restaurants can get in on the action. The following Zizzis are not participating in this offer:  Earls Court, Victoria, Charlotte Street, St Katherine Docks, Central St Giles, Bow Street, The Strand, Wigmore Street, Canary Wharf, One New Change, The O2 Dome and Tower Hill.


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