January 14, 2012

31 Reasons To Love January – #14


That’s right. WINE SALE. Who said January sales could only be last season’s clothes and out dated electrical goods? At Zizzi we’re jumping on the bandwagon and offering all of our specialist limited edition wines for a tenner… and the best thing is, they aren’t out of date – they only get better with age!

So, what’s on offer and where? Well, in keeping with updating our menu (keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the new Cichetti menu at the end of January), we like to get in different wines every now and again. So, if you pop in to any Zizzi nationwide and ask for the limited edition wines you could soon be sipping on anything from a Venetian Soave Superior Classico, or Tuscan Cabernet-Syrah (both usually £16.95) to even a Duc du Rocher Champagne (usually £30) and all for the same price (nearly) as it costs for a large glass in your local!

The way we see it, everyone’s a winner. Those who’ve overindulged during the Christmas period and are now on a detox can buy themselves a little present in preparation for the end of January. Those who haven’t stopped can feel less guilty about the money spent. And those who have stopped but are thinking of falling off the wagon – well, it’s been good while it lasted.

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