January 22, 2012

31 Reasons To Love January – #22


We like making new friends at Zizzi. So when we came across the lovely bunch at Luscombe Drinks from Devon, we thought “You’re our kinda people”.

Tasty, ethical, fresh and…..English! One box ticked after another. So with all this in mind, we had to get them on-board. With every single one of their drinks totally free of artificial additives and concentrates, you can tick that ‘be healthy in January’ box as well. Luscombe only make their drinks from the finest raw ingredients. So much so that it means every drink may taste a little different depending on the season, rain and sun. How refreshing is that?

So when you’re next sat down in Zizzi and you’re thinking “I’ll go for my standard Diet Coke or OJ, maybe think again. We reckon you should give our new chums at Luscombe a go. Whether it’s their award winning ‘Hot Ginger Beer’, ‘Sicilian Lemonade’ or ‘Wild Elderflower’. Or get a bit fruity and go for the vibrant ‘Raspberry Lemonade’ or the sparkling ‘St Clements Orange and Lemon’. Beautiful bubbly brilliance.

Want to become mates with them as well? Click here and ‘like’ that Facebook page of theirs then. They’ll love you forever.

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