January 27, 2012

CICHETTI (CHEE-KET-TEE to you and me)


Tapas has always been a renowned as a Spanish affair. But they do it elsewhere you know. And most importantly for us, they do so in Italy. It;s called Cichetti. The Cichetti menu is a selection of mini masterpieces ideal to share with friends. And what’s more, we also have some brand, spanking new Cichetti menu now available in every Zizzi nationwide.

With new dishes such as  crispy polenta topped with beef ragu and aubergine baked with mozzarella & pesto, why not kick of your meal the Italian way with a glass of Prosecco, a selection of delicious new Cichetti dishes and some good buddies to share it with? You can order 3 Cichetti dishes for only £14 or 5 dishes for £20.

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