January 4, 2012

31 Reasons To Love January – #4


So you’ve given up booze, signed up at the gym, and looked with dismay at your bank account.  It’s only 4th January but the month ahead does not bode well…

Our small ray of sunshine comes in the form of fruity balls of delight.  Intrigued? Thought so.   Last year we tracked down a master ice cream maker called Kitty Travers.  She now creates Zizzi’s delicious gelato and sorbet range, full of natural fruit, organic milk and absolutely no nasties.  And the best bit?  A scoop of any of the range is less than 100 calories and the sorbets all clock in at less than 50 calories a pop.  Pleasure but no pain in sight.

It won’t change the world but is resolutely a reason to LOVE January just a little bit more.

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