January 7, 2012

31 Reasons To Love January – #7


Chilli grenades, Cumbrian scorchers 270 times hotter than a jalapeno, the Edinburgh curry house that makes you sign a disclaimer before ordering their signature Gismot curry (not something that we at Zizzi would recommend).

But that doesn’t mean to say that the chillies and n’duja (spicy sausage) that we use in many of our dishes don’t contain some of the oh so special health properties of chilli. So what are these? Well, the capsaicin present in all chilli does a whole host of things…

1. Brainiacs at the University of Tasmania have concluded it lowers blood sugar levels, perfect for counteracting all the cholesterol filled, heart busting Christmas food that you gorged on over the holidays 
2. On top of this it also thins the blood, boosting circulation and lowers risks of stroke 
3. More brainiacs, this time from Harvard University, believe it actually reduces pain by targeting receptors in the brain 
4. And for all those winter colds bandying about at the moment, it has been proven to clear congestion.

So, the next time you order your usual Rustica Picante, Penne alla vodka or any number of our spicy Zizzi specialities, remember, you’re not just getting a spicy meal but so much more. Just another reason to love January.

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