January 8, 2012

31 Reasons To Love January – #8


We’re big believers that the nicer the surroundings, the tastier the food, the better the experience and ultimately the more likely it is we’ll see you again.

We also love to provide a platform for the best new talent out there to show off their stuff. That’s why we’ve invested so much of our time into our Fresh Talentprogramme; a programme that searches for and develops the best new talent to cook, serve, play music and in this case to make our restaurants locally relevant and look as beautiful as possible.

So with more new openings coming and refurbishments coming thick and fast, more and more of our restaurants will be getting a serious lick of paint in 2012. Click on the links below to see some of 2011’s highlights…

 1. Camille Rousseau making the most of Zizzi Derby’s origins…

 2. In-house Fresh Talent Tobias Hall doing his thing in numerous Zizzis.

 3. Shola Andrea and Yissau Acevedo jazzing up Zizzi Tower Hill’s windows

 4. Mr Tobias Hall (again) cha cha cha changing Zizzi Beckenham…Bowie Styleee

 5. Silent Hobo making Bristol Triangle a little more….street!

 6. A handful of ‘Fresh Talent’ competition winners transforming Shad Thames

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