January 18, 2012

Cichetti Hour…Bigger Than The Beatles

So…what a morning. Cichetti Hour launched today, and by the amount of people we saw flocking to our website, you would have thought we’d just announced that John, Paul, Ringo and George had miraculously reformed for a comeback tour.

The website crashed (huge thanks for bearing with us), Zizzi HQ turned into an Emergency Ticket Hotline, and Tom and Sarah in our Marketing team were manning up to 8 phones at once. Just look at them…heroes.

Ok then, some numbers for you…

– An Average of one place being taken every three seconds
– Over 12,000 places secured inside the first 5 hours

Miraculously there are still some tickets left in very very few of our restaurants, but (and we have never meant this more)….BE QUICK!!

Oh…and just to clarify, unfortunately The Beatles won’t be reforming…much to our disappointment.

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