April 17, 2012

Italian. More Than The Two P’s.

Pizza, Pasta, Pizza, Pasta. For years now people have been stereotyping the Italian food. We here at Zizzi are here to stop this. It’s time that you all got to see a different, less-doughy side of inventive Italian cuisine. Thanks to our Spring Menu, Zizzi can now introduce you to some brand new dishes of the meaty vairety. Meet our Lamb Shoulder, Pork Belly, Pollo Diavola and our very own Fish Stew.

The Lamb Shoulder is slowly roasted in our wood oven until it is virtually falling off the bone and then laid out on a bed of cannellini beans, sweet peppers and rosemary… delicious.

Crispy Pork Belly is roasted in the oven served with spring greens sautéed in a garlic butter.

If neither of those two peaked your interest, then that brings us onto Pollo Diavola, a dish difficult to say but easy to clean off, with harissa and Roquito chilli making their voices heard. The chicken used is actually Red Tractor Chicken meaning that if you wanted to you could trace it back to the farm where is was reared, so you know that we haven’t been flying your chicken around the world to get it to you. Also it is less than 650 calories, not bad for some spicy spatchcock.
Maybe fish is more to your taste. If it is then you won’t have to look anywhere else as our Fish Stew is jam-packed with Sea Bass, Oak roasted Salmon, calamari, mussels and prawns. Served with a generous chunk of ciabatta to make sure you soak up every last drop.

So as you can see Italian cuisine has a lot more to offer than just the two p’s. Hope we’ve persuaded you to go a bit left field next time you visit Zizzi. You maverick you!

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