July 20, 2012

Keeping the kids happy

When we’re born, we have pretty low standards when it comes to food. Bananas and Avocados were blended together and put into a neat glass bottle, then shovelled into our mouths…and we loved it.

Sometime between now and the oh-so-sophisticated level our taste buds are now, we were still learning about new flavours. We’re constantly working to cater to a wider audience and feel our Bambini can entertain and satisfy at the same time…we said it.

Let’s just get down to it: it’s aesthetically pleasing…just a blank canvas begging for your child to colour in and add a little personality to it. We’ll bring the coloured pencils and provide the canvas…you just need to bring the artist.

And everyone knows a creative mind needs a full belly. We’ve got dough sticks as a starter, then their choice of 4 different pastas and a couple mini rusticas with the option to choose your own toppings, then finish it off with some of Kitty Traver’s famous Gelato or Sorbetti.

Click here to view our Bambini menu (aka the canvas) and give it a try next time you ‘re out with some mini mouths.

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