April 20, 2012


Several months ago we received some feedback on our old Torta Limone… and the results were less than appealing: whole desserts were being sent back because no spoon could penetrate that rock-hard base…(it’s rumoured that the Croydon team used their extra bases as mini shields during last summer’s riots).

We soon realised that we couldn’t continue with this dessert and our Executive Chef, Angelo, decided to pull it off the menu and find a better dish. After all, Torta Limone is a classic Italian dessert and we can’t have ours being used as a weapon…or a tiny Frisbee. 

When we asked Angelo to take notes while searching for the perfect torta, we had no idea it would soon become this epic journey: taking him to the brink of insanity and back. True story: we found a full page of notes that just said “All work and no play makes Angelo a dull boy”.

But through his determination ,and sheer stubbornness, we found ‘the lemon tart to die for’.

To get them in the mood for the Torta Limone search, Angelo took his team off to Sicily to try their famous dessert. We have to admit, this supplier had some pretty impressive lemons. And his tart?  It was a simple beauty; just sweet enough, just tart enough, and a thick yolky gold colour blended with sun drenched lemons.

Angelo returned home with a new mission – replicate that tart in our restaurants. Simple enough, right? Apparently not…we pulled some highlights from Angelo’s notes to shed some light on the subject –

Week one:
Too sugary…like sticking your face in a tub of confectionary sugar. Not to mention the filling’s runny consistency slops over the side of the pastry when you try to move it anywhere. Useless.

Week three:
Far too sour! I’m pretty certain someone just cut a lemon in half, stuck it in a pastry base  and called it a day. They’re fired…as soon as I can feel my taste buds again.

Week five:
We’ve gone completely in the wrong direction. I didn’t want our bases to pull out our customers teeth but, San Antoni’, my customers will need a straw to drink up this base…it just sort of slowly drips off the spoon. Maybe we mix it with Gelato and call it a Dessert Soup? Is that a thing? I’ll look in to that… “

And in the 6th week, Angelo and his crew finally found it – the perfect Torta Limone. At first sight it looked perfect – not too pale, not too runny, not covered in a mountain of sugar…promising.  It mimicked the sweetness of the Sicilian tart while maintaining the tangy lemon undertones.

Needless to say, Angelo celebrated with buckets of Limoncello like a true Italian. He’s finally found a Torta Limone that he’s proud to put his name on and we’d love you to come try for yourself.

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