March 29, 2012

Live Music & Fresh Talent. Introducing Zizzi Sessions.

Central St Giles, Croydon, Cambridge, Bristol Triangle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Taunton, Brighton Marina and Chester– what do these Zizzi restaurants have in common? We’ll save you guessing – they all play a key role in our Fresh Talent programme, bringing you the best local music on offer through Zizzi Session (if you fancy treating those ears of yours, just give them a ring to find out when).

If you’re a fan of Zizzi, you’ve probably heard about Fresh Talent. We’re making it a priority to discover the best young talent the country has to offer. Here’s where ‘Zizzi Sessions’ come in, as a platform for the most talented young musicians to get their music in to your lug ‘oles. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to bring you a vast range of talent.

From hot-shot Grammy-nominated artists like Becki Biggins to Jon Allen, who appeared on ‘Later Live with Jools Holland’. We’ve also been lucky enough to have artists such as Scott McKeon and Marcus Bonfanti give our Central St. Giles restaurant a taste of the blues.

But more importantly we’re here to support the untapped talent out there. The people we like to call Fresh Talent who need to be discovered.

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