May 12, 2012

Meet Kitty. Our Ice-Cream Artist

The South of France is renowned for having some of the most beautiful scenery in the world; artists of all shapes and sizes have travelled far and wide for just a taste of inspiration.

But we’re not talking about the sun-drenched beaches of Nice or the fast and furious streets of Monaco….

Tucked away in a side road of Cannes you’ll find a small ice cream parlour called Vilfeu, where our Artisan Ice-Cream Chef, Kitty Travers, first tasted the Poppy Seed and Saffron Ice-Cream that would change her life.

After finishing as a waitress in Cannes, Kitty returned to the UK and landed a job as a pastry chef at St John Restaurant. It was there that she founded La Grotta Ices, making and selling hand-made frozen desserts to Londoners from the back of her scooter and she never looked back.

Because of Kitty and her love of the frozen desserts, we now have a quality line of Gelato and Sorbetti desserts on offer. Our Fior di Latte, Crema, Cioccolata and Pistachio have all been developed in collaboration with Calon Wen cooperative dairy farms in Wales. By working with Calon Wen, we know that the milk is organic and comes from a select few farms – it’s so select that the farmers know their cows by name. That’s pretty cool.

But Kitty’s greatest Zizzi triumph so far has to be the creation of our Blood Orange Sorbetti. After toiling away in developmental kitchens, Kitty mastered the ratio of sweet to tart perfectly and we couldn’t have been happier with the result. It’s proved the most popular during our summer months due to its crisp flavour, but it certainly holds its own when the weather cools down as a refreshing tea-time treat.

Kitty isn’t just behind the scenes though – she’s graciously lent her talents over the years to provide live ice-cream making demonstrations to captivated audiences. Last year we participated in Jamie Oliver’s Feastival where Kitty’s live show proved to be one of the more popular attractions over that weekend…oof, sorry Jamie.

And it’s not only London based; just the other week she travelled up to Harrogate to teach the team and customers her gelato making method and gave a handful of volunteers the chance to try it out.

Kitty Travers was one of our first Fresh Talents and is, now, very much one of us. To take a look at Kitty’s Gelato and Sorbetti range check out our menu at

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