March 22, 2012

“Miss Rustica…Have you lost some weight?”

Listen up ladies and gents, our glorious little nation has been uncharacteristically warm and it’s time to face a hard truth – we can no longer hide behind layers and winter clothes.

If you’re like us, you’ve taken comfort in the fact that it’ll be at least a couple more months until you need to cut down the carbs or actually go to that gym you joined in January. But alas, spring has sprung up on us this year and we may need to make those changes a little sooner than scheduled.

We’re can’t help you get up for your 5am boot camp class but we can make life a little easier when you’re dining with us.

Aside from the healthy heart options already on our menu, we’ve just launched our Skinny Rusticas; it’s the love-child of our Bufala (or Primavera!) Rustica and Portion Control, and it comes with a side salad to help with your five-a-day quota. At only 550 calories you don’t have to deprive yourself to diet.

Top it off with our Organic Merlot from the Promessa vineyard, or if your diet requires teetotalism, then try our Luscombe range of juices – no additives. No preservatives. No flavourings. No nasties. No compromise.

But this isn’t our only new addition. Take a look for yourself to find out what’s new…you may recognise a couple of old time favourites, back by popular demand.

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