January 5, 2012

Zizzi Harborne’s 7th Birthday – 7 Events in 7 Days

7 events in 7 days… You may think it sounds more Ancient Rome that modern day Harborne but we think turning 7 really is something to celebrate…

Running from Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th January the events unfold as follows:

Monday 23rd: Cichetti Hour 6-7pm

An hour of complimentary Cichetti and Prosecco.

Come in and enjoy our new and improved Cichetti menu – tasty little bites of Italy, perfect for sharing and easily washed down with a little of our Italian bubbly.

Tuesday 24th: Wine & Dine 5-7pm

A lesson in wines from a professional sommelier accompanied by nibbles.

After work why not come down and spend a few hours learning all about the Italian wines that we serve, complimented by samples from our new Cichetti menu.

Wednesday 25th: Pick a Price 5-11pm

Feeling lucky? Pick an envelope and you could receive anything from free starters to 100% off the whole bill!

Forget the mid-week lotto draw (it’s only ever about two mil, pocket change really) Why not take your chances in our mid-week sweepstake? At the least you’ll get a free dessert and with prizes going up to us covering the whole bill everyone’s a winner! 1 in 5 chance… definitely better odds than the lottery!

Thursday 26th: Live Music 6-10pm

Local musician Jack Montgomery plays a mixture of Rock Classics and Motown.

With our Fresh Talent program never far from our hearts we have unearthed local boy, Jack, to come and play some tunes to serenade you while you eat. Fancy a free meal? Sing for your supper if you’re feeling adventurous. Sorry, Simon Cowell won’t be there to see if you’re any good!

Friday 27th: The F-Word 5-11pm

Pay only what you think the meal is worth (food only!) ‘Nuff said.

Saturday 28th: Hell’s Kitchen 6-10pm

The restaurant team compete in this Gordon Ramsey inspired night.

With the Zizzi team divided in to two, watch as they attempt to sabotage each other’s work, out perform each other in the kitchen and generally improvise to provide a performance that beats the West End any day! Who knows, even the man himself might turn up.

Sunday 29th: Pizza making day 2-5pm

One for the kids… bring along the little ‘uns and let them make a mess of our kitchen instead of yours!

We know how kids love to get their hands dirty. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than throwing around and spinning homemade dough and then turning all that mess into a lovely pizza ready to eat there and then! Our chefs will run the pizza making master class… all the parents have to do is eat them!

So, do any of those tickle your fancy? Feel free to come along to 1, 2 or as many of the birthday celebrations as you’d like…

Click here or call Lucy on 0121 4284 228 to book your spot for any of the events today…

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