June 7, 2013

Dad Type #4

Who: The Indecisive Dad

How to spot him: Standing just before the check-out aisle, intently looking at two different products (deep in thought) before putting one down and walking away. Then one minute later, returning to pick up the product and repeat the process again.    

What to feed him: Clearly decision-making is not his forte so why make him decide on his special day? With a little bit of everything, our Cicchetti Misti is the perfect starter to share between a family or keep all to yourself.

Cicchetti Misti features the best of our previous Cicchetti range; hot mushroom arancini risotto balls, chicken and pepper skewers, oven baked king prawn skewers, mini calzone with spicy n’duja sauage and a tomato and bufala mozzarella salad accompanied by a chunky pepperonata dip.

To help take the umming and uhhing out of the day, order a Cicchetti Misti to satisfy everyone’s tastes.


Take a look at our other Dad approved dishes www.zizzi.co.uk/food and book your table for Father’s Day here.

Can’t be with him on the day? Send him some love with a Zizzi Gift Card: http://www.zizzigift.co.uk/

*For a limited time only; if you buy a £30 gift card, we’ll add an extra £10 for free! Simply enter the code “FATHERSDAY10” at the checkout to redeem.*

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