May 13, 2013

Introducing: Insalata Super Zucca

Vitamin A? Check.

Vitamin C? Check.

Vitamin E? Check.

And that’s just in the butternut squash.

In a world where pizza and pasta take home the big awards, our Insalata Super Zucca is a top Italian contender for superfood dishes.

Our Executive Chef, Angelo, has combined roasted butternut squash, lentils, courgette and green beans together to load the salad up with healthy goodness. Then he added goats’ cheese, mint and white balsamic to add a little zest. Even with all that, it still comes in under 600 calories and joins the ranks of our healthy heart dishes.

For an added energy boost, add a couple of chicken skewers to your salad to get your protein fix.

And a little good news for the doughstick lovers, the Insalata Super Zucca comes with two on the side.

Take a peek at our other dishes under 600 calories and the rest of our menu here:


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