October 21, 2013

New lunch menu

Let’s do lunch!

Recently, our Executive Chef Angelo decided that our lunch menu needed a make-over. And we agreed!


We’re proud to announce the arrival of our brand-spanking-new lunch menu, specifically designed to accommodate tight lunch hours.


We’ve brought back our Insalata Caprese in the starters section and have added 3 new lunchtime mains:


Focaccia con prosciutto: freshly bake focaccia sandwich filled with prosciutto ham, bufala, mozzarella and rocket, topped with slow roasted tomatoes.


Focaccia con verdure: same as above, except this time it’s for our veggie friends. Instead of the meat and mozzarella, it’s filled with goat’s cheese, roasted peppers and rocket.


Zuppa di fagioli: a hearty soup with cannellini beans, pancetta, tomatoes and pasta pieces, served with dough sticks and a mixed leaf, tomato and spring onion salad.


So instead of spending your morning umming and ahhing about which meal deal to get; map out a route to your nearest Zizzi and give our new lunch menu a try.


To see the rest of our lunchtime offer and for prices visit http://www.zizzi.co.uk/data/menus/static_menus/4/pdf/Autumn%20Lunch%20Menu%202013.pdf

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