October 14, 2013

New Season. New Menu.


Have you heard? We’ve got a brand spanking new menu coming out tomorrow. But before we tempt you with some photos of our new autumn dishes we’d like to give you a sneak preview of our new menu designs!


Earlier this year, we set the challenge for any budding creative types to design our individually Italian autumn menu covers.  From hundreds of entries, 10 designers made it to the semi-finals and a final 3 designs blew our judges away.



For us, the cream-of-the-crop top design (featured at the top of this blog) was sent in by Ricardo Bessa (http://www.ricardobessa.com/). Capturing Italy’s changing seasons through the use of bright orange and dark blue we felt Ricardo’s entry perfectly captured our dishes changing from the light bright summery ingredients to richer, warmer ingredients for the colder weather.



We had a tough time picking our top 3 but there were 2 designers who really stood out: Sara Gelfgren (http://saragelfgren.com/) and Amyisla McCombie (http://amyisla.tumblr.com/).

Sara Gelfgren entered her design of an abstract Italian town that sparks your interest through bold colours and clean lines.

Amyisla McCombie’s entry is a different take on Italian life centering her design around a chef and his tools.


A new season means a new menu and starting tomorrow you can check out the new menu and designs at www.zizzi.co.uk/food

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