October 18, 2013

Pollo Focaccia


Nobody does a Sunday roast quite like the Brits.


And our Executive Chef, Angelo, wondered what would happen if he combined the Brits’ love of all things roasted with Italy’s love of rosemary, garlic and focaccia bread.


Do you know what happened? …Magic.


Our Pollo Focaccia is designed to warm you up from the inside out. A juicy, half roast chicken marinated in rosemary and garlic on freshly baked focaccia with a green bean, rocket and riserva cheese salad.


It’s a brand new dish but is already getting a reputation for causing a bit of food envy as waiters carry it from kitchen to table.


But don’t take our word for it; come try it for yourself. To book your next table, just visit www.zizzi.co.uk/bookings


Or to take a peek at our other new additions this autumn visit www.zizzi.co.uk/food

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