August 8, 2014

10 ways to eat your pizza

Pizza is for everyone but how you eat it can be a very personal matter…

1. Knife and fork. Usually soon abandoned in favour of alternative method. The dedicated and impeccably well-mannered few may even continue to eat said cut pizza with a fork.

2. Pizza cutter. Once you’ve mastered the technique, a useful tool to have.

3. Folded over and enjoyed as a calzone. Or you could just order a calzone.

4. From the inside out. Followed by a hunger check and then a crust eating session. Also good for dipping.

5. Swapsies. Cut it in half and um and ah about how to exchange halves with your dining partner. Or just order a half and half pizza such as the Rustica Pescatore.

6. Triangles all the way (alt-j style). Start by concentrating on dividing your pizza into even triangular slices and then work your way through them, all the way around the clock.

7. One half at a time. Attack half, see how you’re getting on and then reassess as to the technique with which you wish to proceed.

8. Scissors. A bit controversial but pretty practical, allowing you to cut the pizza however you want with maximum precision. Watch the fingers if it’s piping hot!

9. Can’t wait. Hunger gets the better of you and you simply tear it apart and scoff the lot.

10. Criss cross. Discovered recently during a trip to Sicily, where the pizza was served already cut into beautifully bite-sized pieces. Revolutionary.

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