May 1, 2014

Espresso Affogato

Pour, add & crumble with this enjoyable Italian creation

In true Italian style we love to bring a bit of character to our restaurants and this Espresso Affogato is no exception. Served individually, you can enjoy each part separately if you like but the real fun is putting them together to build your perfect Affogato.

Are you ready? Pour the hot espresso over the lovely scoops of crema gelato and nice dollop of mascarpone cream. Add a cheeky shot of liqueur if you fancy it – our favourite is Frangelico! Finally, crumble the amaretti biscuits – cute little fellas aren’t they? – over the top and prepare yourself for a hot-cold, creamy-bitter moment of yumminess.

Once the hot espresso touches the cold ice cream, the magic starts. So go on, grab a spoon and get involved! Or you can watch it melt into a rather delicious iced latte – if there’s any left by then.

Espresso Affogato – the Italian foody’s response to Katy Perry (Hot N Cold that is)

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