November 11, 2014

Roast Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

Let the #ZizziGoodTimes roll with these 5 easy steps to a tasty snack for one – build up the quantities and serve as a dinner party starter!


8 baby plum tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

1 large slice of ciabatta bread

25ml olive oil

3 basil leaves

Pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper

Preparation method:

1. Whack the oven on to preheat at 170⁰C.

2. Place the baby plum tomatoes on a baking tray and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Cook the fellas for about 20min.

3. Place the roasted tomatoes in a mixing bowl and gently crush them with a fork then season with salt, pepper and torn basil leaves.

4. Grill the ciabatta and rub the fresh garlic all over it to add some nice flavour.

5. Place the ciabatta on a plate and lay the roasted tomatoes on top. Finish with a final glug of extra virgin olive oil and serve.

Happy cooking – why not share a snap of your bruschetta over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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