August 14, 2014

What does your favourite Zizzi dish say about you?

Sharing platter – well hello there life & soul of the party! You’re great fun and the only thing you enjoy more than getting together with good friends is eating in their company.

Salad – you like to keep in shape, wear the latest trends, rock a bikini/board shorts on holiday but you’ll probably squeeze in a cheeky dessert just to stay on the right side of ‘being good’.

Spiedini– you love a new trend, discovering new things, bbq on a beach… and like to search for the most instagrammable dish!

Spicy Rustica – you revel in the challenge of our big Signature Rustica pizza and are a through and through thrill-seeker.

Half & Half Rustica – you like to explore the pleasures of life, keep your options open… so go on, have your cake and eat it!

Rustica Primavera – you enjoy a veggie dish when you don’t have to compromise on the good hearty meatiness. You love a basketful of goodness, an explosion of lots of different flavours.

Classic Pizza – you stick to what you know, you’re a creature of habit, but man do you enjoy a good classic pizza!

Calzone – your mouth waters at the thought of a meat feast rolled up in a satisfying blanket of pizza dough. Let’s face it, you’re probably a man!

Spaghetti/Lasagne – the smell of home comforts fills you with warmth and happiness, nothing beats the action of twirling your spaghetti or slicing through the familiar layers of a lasagne.

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