March 6, 2015

A Very Special Day for Mums by Actually Mummy

Helen Wills is a mum of 2 who lives in Hertfordshire. By day (and often by night) she is a copywriter specialising in parenting and family travel. She can often be found on Twitter way past her bedtime.

Helen writes at Actually Mummy and Space In Your Case.

Always a very special day

On my first Mother’s Day as a mother, I was given breakfast in bed. My baby was 6 months old, I was shattered, and I got a tray of pancakes with berries, and a bottle of pink champagne delivered to my bedside. There was a tiny chocolate box on the tray. I thought it was sweet, but couldn’t stomach any of it, given the sleepless night I’d just had. My husband insisted, so I grumbled my way up and unwrapped my chocolate. It was an eternity ring.

Subsequent Mother’s Days became gradually less glamorous, but even more poignant, and I kept every offering from my child, until one year, when she was old enough to write her own shopping list. She would look forward to the shopping trip, dragging her dad round the shops until she had the perfect collection of gifts. For my part, I loved the list more than the purchases (although she has always had a knack for picking good perfume and necklaces).

When the Bug arrived, they had it down to a fine art; champagne breakfast returned, and lunch out was essential to them. The three of them would get excited every year, secretly whispering their plans for me, choosing menus or roast dinners to lavish on me. Over the years the shopping lists have become more detailed, with better spelling, but they’re still the best part of it all, and it’s no surprise that it’s the things they ‘do themselves’ that mean the most:



Mothers Day at Zizzi

This year it’s just me and my daughter for Mother’s day. The Bug and his Dad have a longstanding engagement with Old Trafford that no mother could reasonably stand in the way of. That wouldn’t be part of the contract of Motherhood. Days out with my girl are a treat now (if you can overlook the 17 hours it takes to examine every set of earrings in Claire’s Accessories). We chat, properly, about things other than LEGO and Disney; we mull over the menu, and although I know exactly what she will choose before we are even seated, she at least pretends to contemplate the specials, and offers suggestions as to what I might like. She places her own order, and is polite to waiters. She will insist on a glass of fizz for me; “Oh go on Mum, you deserve it,” tips off her tongue as easily as if I’d said it myself. In short, at 10, she is great company, and I know I’m in for a treat.

As a trial run, Zizzi sent us out to lunch at the weekend. One of the things I love about Zizzi is that their menu is up online, with allergen information listed. So many people have allergies, and this means they can go in knowing that they’ll have a great meal, and come out feeling well and happy. It means they can relax.



In addition, the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. Want cheese but no butter on your penne pasta? No problem. The ice-cream cones without the cones – that’s fine too. And plenty of healthy options for me as well; not that I chose them – after all, it is Mothers Day! In fact, there was no way I could manage all of my pizza, but popping it into a box to take home for later was no trouble.

Which was just as well, because we needed room for this! The most delicious chocolate melt I’ve ever had!

I have no doubt that next year there will be no need for a list, because my daughter will be pushing to be allowed to go into town and complete her mission solo. She will then tell her brother exactly what he is giving me, and demand that he cough up the requisite amount of pocket money to pay her back. For my part, I will be told what I’m eating, and most likely have it cooked for me. Until then I’m going to make the most of my meals out!


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