February 26, 2015

Family Fun Time at Zizzi by Georgina Grogan

I’m Georgina from Plus Size Fashion and Beauty Blog ‘She Might Be Loved’ and recently I’ve found my new favourite place to eat out, Zizzi! I love spontaneous meals out but lately I’ve only had one place on my mind for delicious food.

I love nothing more than dressing up before going on a shopping trip, as I know full well where I’ll end up. Whether I nip in for hair dye, or for a new outfit, cocktails and food will always be on the cards. If anything, knowing this is motivation to keep me going around the busy shops and carrying the heavy bags without complaining.

For shopping, I always go with those easy glamorous looks that I can just throw on and not have to worry about. Skater dresses always come in handy for this as they’re so easy to wear, flattering, and most importantly, comfortable. My new favourite is this beautiful Blue Lace dress from Simply Be. It needs no adjustments at all and keeps me feeling pretty and ready for anything. Skater, or swing dresses are amazing to shop in as they’re easy to get off and on when trying clothes on, you don’t need to worry about bending down or reaching up high as usually skater dresses are a great length for all of shopping’s hurdles, and you look stylish and cute all the way around the centre.



Most women do feel extra special in heels, but unless you’re skilled in the art of them, I’d stick to some stylish or even basic flats. There’s nothing worse than not being able to shop because your feet hurt after all.

Not only is being comfortable whilst shopping about what you wear, but it’s about your hair and makeup too. Now I know some women do love to just put a bun on top of their heads and walk out fresh faced, but for the rest of us who require a little extra work and like getting dolled up, there’s a couple things to consider.
You’re out shopping, what if a store has their heating on full blast? Let’s face it, we’ve all walked into one store that was like a desert, and the next which was as cold as the Antarctic. I always opt for a long lasting foundation and then a setting spray right at the end. As I know I’ll be sipping cocktails and eating, a lip liner before my usual dark purply red lip is essential as it helps it to stay on just that little bit stronger. This means top ups are minimal, quick, and already outlined for me!

During one of my recent shopping trips, where I actually went with my family, we headed to Zizzi and had probably the nicest food on a shopping trip yet. It was the first time we had been there, as with having an awkward eater as a little brother (you know the type, ketchup on everything and ‘what’s that green thing?’) we didn’t think he’d get on with anything. However, to our absolute delight he ended up realising that half of the menu was what he’d actually eat anyway. With tonnes of options of pasta and pizza, he was a very happy man.

Mum, Dad and I all tucked in to our chosen meals, my dad and I opted for the same dish as we both have impeccable taste in food. The Garlic Bread with Cheese, Duck Salad and Banana Calzone seem to be my go to orders now after trying it for the first time. We were blown away by how Zizzi, unlike a lot of places, actually have healthier options for those who are sticking to their New Year Resolutions. It even allowed us to be a little indulgent on the deserts as we did get one each, and then ice cream to share between us….it had to be done.




Since that visit, Mum and I ran back for another cheeky meal and a couple of cocktails. The menu is too delicious not to go back!



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