March 2, 2015

How to Take it Zizzi this Mother’s Day by Wild & Grizzly

Before becoming a mama myself, Mother’s Day was one of those events where I would automatically buy flowers and a card to hand over to my mum with a hug, acknowledging her role in my life, and even though I appreciated her, I never had a real understanding of what it meant as a mother to have this dedicated day.

Becoming a mum to F soon changed all that. All those sleepless nights, changing nappies, endless patience as I play peek-a-boo for the 475th time, has given me time to reflect on those 24 hours that come around once a year. Of course there is appreciation shown in the role I play, whether it’s delivered in a cute smile and flash of white teeth, a cuddle or full on body ambush accompanied by the three little words ‘I Love you’ as he smooches up to my face, I know he loves me for being me.

Even with all the love aside, there’s often not many hours in the day to think of myself, I’ve lost count of those half drunken cold cups of coffees left and how many mornings I’ve emerged from the house looking like frankenstein’s bride after three hours sleep due to my angelic offspring lying in the room next door wanting to play transformers at 2 a.m.

To have 24 hours dedicated to me as a mother is certainly needed, and so I find a whole new level of appreciation towards my mum. I want to shower her in love and smooch her face, and say wow well done you did a bloody good job, I never realised how hard it could be.

So when Zizzi asked me what my ideal Mother’s Day would look like I didn’t have to think for too long. For me the dream day starts off with three little words. Nope not the I love you, something way better…a lie in. Yep those are the words that make most mama’s hearts skip a beat with joy. A lie in and a freshly brewed coffee brought to my bed while I relax with a magazine. Curled up with 30 minutes of blissful silence, I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful. Of course once the bouncing bundle of joy makes his appearance, a homemade card – obviously containing glitter and spider like penmanship – is most certainly going to bring a tear to my eye and if I’m lucky, a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers. I am a total sucker for flowers and will get them where I can!




Even though the day is about celebrating motherhood, I’d probably squeeze in a quick trip to the park to keep the peace before sneaking off, leaving my son and husband to quibble over playground politics so I can get my nails done or perhaps a facial. There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned pampering session, especially when there isn’t a small person to come and interrupt you half way through, and if I’m tightening the purse strings, then a candle lit bath and face-mask will do the job just as well.

I always think that handmade gifts are more heartfelt, who wouldn’t want a squished up plasticine jewellery bowl? But in all seriousness, some of my favourite gifts have been those thoughtfully made by the ones I love. Every picture F has drawn for me I’ve kept tucked away in a folder, even the heart shaped stone and acorn he foraged and presented has a place in our home.

Last year I bought my mum a necklace and had beautiful words engraved on it saying how much I love her for being my mum, and this year I would love to try and surprise her with a box of my homemade truffles or cookies delivered to her door.

The best thing for me to enjoy on Mother’s Day, even more than the cinema, which I love, or bowling, which normally has me in stitches, would be a family meal. A chance for us to sit, laugh, share food, tell stories and take time just to be together, and with all of my Italian loving food fanatics what better place to dine then our local Zizzi Restaurant.


We simply love the food and its warm welcoming atmosphere really makes you feel at home. F always insists on ordering a deliciously cheesy garlic bread before designing his own pizza face from the kids menu. It is also lovely to see him and my mum hang out and enjoy spending time together, with F sneaking in a bear hug now and again.



There is something for all the family to enjoy with Zizzi’s menu, my mum is a huge seafood fan so she would choose prawns or calamari every time, whereas I like to try and be good with a healthy super salad, then I don’t feel quite so naughty sneaking in a glass of rose or two. The men of our family go for the pizzas, all crispy and fresh from the huge wood fire pizza oven. It almost feels like Christmas as I allow F to stay up past his bedtime to join in with the family festivities, making it feel like we are part of a real traditional Italian feast, where family is the focus and full tummies are the reward.



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