February 12, 2015

Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Valentine’s Day Tips from Dr Linda Papadopoulos

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Dr Linda Papadopoulous has given us her top tips on how to share the love with your nearest and dearest.

What’s your perfect date night?

It’s nice to do something special to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s really healthy to make sure date nights aren’t just kept for special occasions. We shouldn’t limit the time we take to show love and care in a relationship.

It’s really important to take the time out to spend quality time together away from all the distractions of work and everyday life. A meal out, walk in the park or even a movie night are great examples of a ways to switch off and connect with a loved one.

What’s your best advice for enjoying Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about being single or in a relationship; it’s about reminding all of those that you love just how much you care about them.

Just pick up the phone to your friends and family and get a fun group together to remind each other that you’re always there for one another. Maybe you’ve lost touch with an old school friend? Get together and remember the lovely memories you’ve shared. It’s also a great opportunity to make exciting new plans for the time ahead.

What’s your simplest secret for happiness?

Laughter really is the best medicine! Surround yourself with positive people who energise you and whose advice you trust, then cherish these relationships.

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