April 25, 2016

Updates 25th April 2016

We have supported the introduction of the National Living Wage from the outset, underpinned by the belief that our employees are an essential part of our business who should be rewarded fairly.  As a result, we went beyond the Government’s requirements on 4th April by awarding additional pay rises to many of those who were already above the living wage, including chefs and managers.

As part of a broader review of employee pay and benefits that we started last September, we amended our employee food policy so that it can be enjoyed by all, whereas previously it had been restricted to those working at least a six hour shift.  This additional benefit results in a fairer and more equitable policy as a subsidised staff food menu with dishes of £1 or £2 is now available to all regardless of the length of their shift. We still provide free teas, coffee and squash to all. For those working more than 6 hours there is a choice of a free margherita pizza or a pasta pomodoro.

Lastly, we believe in distributing tips fairly, and work in consultation with our teams to ensure we get this right.  We’re proud of our policy that ensures 100% of all tips go directly to the restaurant teams and enables our individual waiters to be rewarded for their great service whilst also recognising the efforts of the rest of the team who have contributed to the experience.

We do not make any form of deduction other than those required by the HMRC.  All tips paid in cash go to the waiter concerned.  Tips paid by credit card are distributed via the Tronc system, the distribution of which is decided by our Tronc master, a Zizzi restaurant manager, through a consultation process with the wider restaurants teams including other managers, waiters and chefs.

Following a recent consultation across the business our Tronc Master has recommended and we accepted, a change to how Tronc tips are distributed to more fairly reflect the combined efforts of the entire team. From April 4th the Tronc is now split 50% to the waiter serving your table (previously 70%) and 50% is shared amongst the other non-management members of the team working that day (previously 30%).

We have a fantastic team who have been instrumental in delivering our successful growth over the last few years.  The changes we have introduced reflect their strong performance by bringing them widespread benefits applied in a more transparent and equitable way.

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