August 11, 2017


#ZizziRecipes – Green Goddess Salad with Salmon

For anyone out there looking to channel their Zizzi chef why not try your hand at making our delicious Green Goddess Salad with Salmon at home…Pan-fried salmon fillet, cannellini beans, courgette ribbons, Isle of Wight mixed tomatoes & mixed leaves, all tossed in super green pesto with radish, pea shoots & toasted omega seeds, seriously good!

Olive oil
Spinach leaves
Mixed leaves
115g cannellini beans
Shaved courgette
1 tbsp green pesto
2 radishes
3 tomatoes
½ tsp Omega seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, linseed and sesame seeds
Pea shoots
Red amaranth

For the Salmon:

Add flour to a bowl
Place your salmon fillet in the flour and coat until fully covered
Add olive oil to a hot pan
Add the salmon and cook for 4 minutes (until cooked through)
Approx 2 minutes each side

Making the salad:
In a large bowl add spinach leaves, rocket and mixed leaves
Add in 115g cannellini beans
Shave a courgette and add to the bowl
Add 1 tbsp green pesto and mix until salad leaves are coated
Move into a serving bowl
Add 2 finely sliced radishes and 3 halved tomatoes
Add the cooked salmon
Sprinkle ½ tsp omega seeds
Add pea shoots
Add red amaranth

Dig in!

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