February 1, 2018

Zizzi Winners 2018!

Think you’re a winner? Check out our current competitions below to see when the winners will be announced and most importantly who’s won!


#ZizziBambini January
Vikki Knowles
Henry Yang

Sarah Elizabeth

Izzy Hartley

#ZizziBambini February
Peter Enright
Georgina Burke

Esther Gosden

Courtney Davison

Refer a Friend
Giovanni Perata
Kirsty Whitlock

#ZizziBambini March
Sarah Lynch
Debbie Powney

Leamington Spa Reopening
Rheanna Morton
Jodie Smith
Ella Gale
Simon Downling
Jas Hayer

#ZizziBambini April
Julia Mclean

#ZizziBambini May
Sarah Lynch
Debbie Powney
Andrew Evans

Spin to Win
Julie Britten

#ZizziBambini June

#Zizzi Bambini July

#ZizziBambini August
Avalon Osborne
Larry Avicius

#Zizzi Bambini September
Monica Wilson
Maisie Grant
Scarlett Oliver

#Zizzi Bambini October
Mia Gapa
Harry Egan
Suzie Andrew

#Zizzi Bambini November
Carly Rushton
Emily Rushall

#Zizzi Bambini December
Freya Wright
Oliver Breheny

Zizzi Advent Calendar Winners 2018:

Day 1 Kayley H

Day 2 Elizabeth B

Day 3 Ada S

Day 4 Zoey D

Day 5 Nicoletta S

Day 6 Tracy P

Day 7 Ruth W

Day 8 Laura T

Day 9 Jane F

Day 10 Tracey M

Day 11 Zafiirah G

Day 12 Natalia S

Day 13 Katy R

Day 14 Sophie W

Day 15 Sandra H

Day 16 Mandy K

Day 17 Stacey L

Day 18 Kevin J

Day 19 Louise C

Day 20 Eve H

Day 21 Chloe M

Day 22 Sue R

Day 23 Ann T

Day 24 Lorna M


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