October 2, 2018


#ZizziRecipes – Garlic Bread with Mozzarella

2g yeast
125g flour
75ml water
1 white onion
cooking oil
13g white sugar
13g muscovado sugar
36ml balsamic vinegar
13g demerara sugar
55g mozzarella
12g grated riserva
1 brush garlic butter


For the dough:
Add 125g flour, 1.2g yeast, pinch of salt and 75ml water to a large mixing bowl
Mix ingredients together with your hands until you can roll into a ball
Rest the dough till it doubles in size

Making the balsamic onions:
Cut 1 white onion
Add oil to a deep pan and add onions
cook onions for 15 mins till caramelised
add 35ml balsamic vinegar, salt, 15g white sugar, 15g muscovado sugar, 15g demerara sugar
and let the onions reduce
stretch dough

Making the Garlic Bread with Mozzarella:
Spread flour over your work surface and knead out your dough
Add semolina to your flour on your work surface and mix together
Place your dough in the centre and stretch out into a classic pizza shape using your hands
Add and spread 55g mozzarella, 15g grated riserva cheese and 1 tbsp balsamic onions evenly over your dough
Place in the oven for 10-12 minutes at the highest temperature until crust is golden brown
Remove from the oven (carefully!) and brush with garlic butter

Cut into 9 slices, plate up and enjoy!

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