Recipe Time!

  Risotto Zucca e Pancetta (pumpkin and pancetta) serves 4   You’ll Need: 300 gr fresh pumpkin, chopped 100 gr cubed pancetta 40 gr butter 50ml olive oil 20 gr of fresh baby spinach 50 gr grated grana padano 350 gr risotto rice Salt Pepper 2 sprigs of thyme 100gr mascarpone cheese About 1.5lt of

Tired of turkey?

–       For 87% of people in the UK, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a traditional roast turkey. –       There are many more turkey cuts and joints than people are aware of – mince, turkey chunks, breast steak, escalopes, drumsticks, sausages, stir fry strips, burgers, bacon rashers and crown roasts…to name but a few. –       Turkeys

31 Reasons To Love January – #30

30. SOME WARMING WINTER HEALTH (A Guest Blog written by our lovely waitress Kristina from Zizzi Cambridge) It may be cold outside, but don’t let it freeze your appetite. As we all know, winter is the most common time for being ill, for not getting enough vitamins and for generally being  a bit down in the dumps.

31 Reasons To Love January – #28

28. CHOCOLATE. BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, GUILT-FREE CHOCOLATE Has there ever been a more reliable pick-me up than Chocolate? Is there anything more satisfying than opening your lunch box and remembering that you made that genius decision of adding a cheeky Kit Kat to the lunch agenda? No is the answer to both of those questions. And

CICHETTI (CHEE-KET-TEE to you and me)

WE’VE GOT SOME NEW CICHETTI DISHES… Tapas has always been a renowned as a Spanish affair. But they do it elsewhere you know. And most importantly for us, they do so in Italy. It;s called Cichetti. The Cichetti menu is a selection of mini masterpieces ideal to share with friends. And what’s more, we also


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