10 ways to eat your pizza

Pizza is for everyone but how you eat it can be a very personal matter… 1. Knife and fork. Usually soon abandoned in favour of alternative method. The dedicated and impeccably well-mannered few may even continue to eat said cut pizza with a fork. 2. Pizza cutter. Once you’ve mastered the technique, a useful tool

Risotto Zucca e Pancetta

Not everyone loves the colder weather. But for us, it means pumpkin season! And when the squashes are at prime harvest then we can feature our Risotto Zucca e Pancetta at as an autumn special. Our pumpkin and pancetta risotto is a seasonal favourite and the perfect excuse to get out of the windy weather.

Fonduta al Formaggi

  Cheese makes you happy.   We could blind you with science but if you’ve ever eaten a hot, gooey cheese fondue, then there’s no explanation necessary.   Our brand spanking new starter, Fonduta al Formaggi, is a melting pot of gorgonzola, gruyere and pecorino cheese with our famous baked dough sticks and focaccia strips

New lunch menu

Let’s do lunch!

Recently, our Executive Chef Angelo decided that our lunch menu needed a make-over. And we agreed!   We’re proud to announce the arrival of our brand-spanking-new lunch menu, specifically designed to accommodate tight lunch hours.   We’ve brought back our Insalata Caprese in the starters section and have added 3 new lunchtime mains:   Focaccia

Our Autumn Menu has Arrived!

It’s time to find comfort in the warmer things: double up your duvet and pull the sweaters out of storage. And for us, that means its new menu time!   This season it’s all about comfort food, Italian style. Our Executive Chef, Angelo, has specially designed this menu to warm you up from the inside


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