April 20, 2011

A Royal Return for Hampton Court

Hampton Court Palace was one of Henry VIII’s many royal homes. And so we thought that the new look Zizzi Hampton Court should make you feel all regal with stunning food to match.

We don’t want to simply treat your taste buds with our delicious food, but also give you an amazing experience in beautiful surroundings. Hampton Court Zizzi achieves all of that and more.

Once again we have invited a fresh, talented artist to put his stamp on the interior. And Luke Fenech has done exactly that. His bold designs reflect the journey between Hampton Court and London along the River Thames. The inspirations expressed here include Richmond, Kew, The Boat House and the musical history of Eel Pie Island.

So why not take your own gastronomic journey, book a table and we promise to make you feel like royalty.

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